Lens Thickness App

How Thick will My Lenses Be?

This is probably the most asked question by eyeglasses wearers. If you have a high prescription, then you know how confusing it can be to choose the right lens index and material for your lenses. If you choose too low of an index, you may end with the ‘coke-bottle’ look. If you choose too high and overkill, you end up spending too much.

What is Lens Index?

Without getting too technical, there is a basic rule which is useful to remember – the higher the lens index, the thinner your lens is. You may ask then why don’t I just choose the highest possible index? Well, that’s because the greater the lens index, the more it will cost too. And for any given prescription after a certain point, choosing a higher index is useless and does not make your lenses thinner. So how do you choose the right lens index for your lenses?

Sure, you can find online calculators where you plug in your numbers and it tells you the thickness in millimeters. But that’s just a number which is not that helpful. GlassifyMe has that solved the problem for you through our Lens Thickness Visualizer mobile app.

Lens Thickness App by GlassifyMe

GlassifyMe’s Lens Thickness App lets you visualize the lens thickness for your prescription – that too in real life size. Simply, plug in your prescription and some other optional parameters and the app will provide a simulation of your lenses in life-size scale.

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to use the app